International Congress on Accounting and Finance Research – ICAFR is an international congress aiming academic, social, economic, and professional collaboration in the fields of accounting and finance. The Congress serves to protect the integrity of accounting and finance field through thorough discussions of current research agendas. It also takes on information sharing mission by bringing together researchers and field practitioners. The publication opportunities in supporting journals and publishers give the participants the chance to share their contribution to the literature.

The foundations of ICAFR were laid in 2013 at the 2013 Conferences hosted by Bulent Ecevit University Caycuma Vocational High School themed ‘Accounting from Past to the Future - Community and Democracy. In 2015, 2nd Panel was held on ‘Accounting from Past to the Future’. Research projects of academics from various Turkish universities and practitioners were discussed in this national congress. The decision was made to convert the organization to an international congress afterwards due to intensive demand from participants and discussants. In the following year and as a result of this decision, 3rd International Accounting and Finance Research Congress (ICAFR’2016) was held on May 12-14, 2016 in Caycuma, Zonguldak, hosted again by Caycuma Vocational High School of Bulent Ecevit University. 64 research papers were submitted to this Congress. The full texts of submissions were published in a special issue of International Journal of Management Economics and Business, if desired by their authors. The Congress also held tours of Amasra and Safranbolu with professional guides.

The 4th Congress was held in the ancient city of Erzurum on December 13-17, 2017, hosted by Ataturk University. 126 papers were presented in the ICAFR’2017 Congress. Full texts of the papers were given the opportunity to publish in the Accounting and Tax Applications Journal (MUVU) 2018 special issue. The participants were able to tour the historical and touristic sites of Erzurum city accommodated by professional guides, and other activities including kayaking were held for desiring participants.

The 5th Congress (ICAFR’2018) was held in Seferihisar, Izmir on October 17-20, 2018. 78 papers were presented in this Congress. In addition to full text proceedings book, the participants were given opportunity to publish their research in the International Journal of Accounting and Finance Researches (IJAFR).

The 6th Congress (ICAFR’2019) was held on October 23-25, 2019 in Nigde, hosted by Nigde Omer Halisdemir University. 119 papers were presented in the Congress where the main theme was ‘Environmental Sustainability and Energy Financing’. The full texts were given opportunity to publish in the International Journal of Accounting and Finance Researches (IJAFR), Nigde Omer Halisdemir University IIBF Journal, and Accounting and Tax Applications Journal (MUVU). The authors also had the chance to publish full texts in the proceedings e-Book. The Congress also organized cultural tours of historical sites in Nigde city. In the closing session of the ICAFR’2019, the next Congress (ICAFR’2020) was decided to be held in Zonguldak city hosted by Bulent Ecevit University. The decision was later revised to hold the Congress online due to pandemic precautions.